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Tech Support Email

North America - 24/7 Support

USA & Canada Telephone Support: 1800 627 2799 (Toll Free)

Australia & New Zealand - 24/7 Support

Australia Telephone Support: 1800 788 210 (Toll-free for fixed lines. call rates may apply for mobile and payphones)

New Zealand Telephone Support: 0800 479 266 (Toll Free)

International Telephone Support: +61 3 8412 4610 (Standard call charges apply)


UK & Europe - 24/7 Support

UK Telephone Support: +44 808 168 9031(Toll Free)

South Africa - 24/7 Support

South Africa (Johannesburg) Telephone Support: +27 11 083 5208


Russian (Русский язык) Telephone Support: +7 499 9186393
  Operating Hours
  Monday (ПНД): 9AM - 5PM (MSK)
  Tuesday (ВТР): 9AM - 5PM (MSK)
  Wednesday (СРД): 9AM - 5PM (MSK)
  Thursday (ЧТВ): 9AM - 5PM (MSK)
  Friday (ПТН): 9AM - 5PM (MSK)
  Saturday (СБТ): Closed
  Sunday (ВСК): Closed

Mexico & Central America

Spanish (Español) Telephone Support: +0 1800 872 0148
  Operating Hours
  Monday (Lunes): 8.30AM - 5.00PM (PST)
  Tuesday (Martes): 8.30AM - 5.00PM (PST)
  Wednesday (Miércoles): 8.30AM - 5.00PM (PST)
  Thursday (Jueves): 8.30AM - 5.00PM (PST)
  Friday (Viernes): 8.30AM - 5.00PM (PST)
  Saturday (Sábado): Closed (Cerrado)
  Sunday (Domingo): Closed (Cerrado)

South America

Brasil (português) Suporte Telefônico: 0800 038 0638 (Telefone Gratuito)
  Horário de Funcionamento:
  Segunda-Feira: 14h30 às 23h00 (Horário de Brasília)
  Terça-Feira: 14h30 às 23h00 (Horário de Brasília)
  Quarta-Feira: 14h30 às 23h00 (Horário de Brasília)
  Quinta-Feira: 14h30 às 23h00 (Horário de Brasília)
  Sexta-Feira: 14h30 às 23h00 (Horário de Brasília)
  Sábado: Fechado
  Domingo: Fechado
Swann Lifetime Support
 Technical Support may have limited staff during regional holidays and is usually closed for Christmas and New Year's Day.

Swann aims to provide a satisfying and efficient service experience to all its customers. From time to time, due to the large number of calls and emails we receive this may cause slight delays in service provision. Further, Swann reserves the right to refuse service if customers engage in abusive or threatening behaviour, fraudulent use and/or engage in prolonged time-wasting or unreasonable requests. Thank you for your understanding.